Brian Yang

I am a fourth-year undergraduate at UC Berkeley majoring in Computer Science. I do research involving robot learning with Professor Sergey Levine in the Berkeley AI Research Lab. Previously, I worked with Professor Kris Pister on microrobot locomotion. I am also working part-time at Facebook AI Research with Roberto Calandra on robotic manipulation.

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replab REPLAB: A Reproducible Low-Cost Arm Benchmark Platform for Robotic Learning
Brian Yang, Dinesh Jayaraman, Sergey Levine
ICRA, 2019
arxiv (extended technical report) / project page / code

We present a reproducible, low-cost, self-contained hardware stack for benchmarking vision-based manipulation tasks.

morphology Data-efficient Learning of Morphology and Controller for a Microrobot
Thomas Liao, Grant Wang, Brian Yang, Rene Lee, Kris Pister, Sergey Levine, Roberto Calandra
ICRA, 2019
arxiv / project page / code

Robot design is often a slow and difficult process requiring the iterative construction and testing of prototypes. We propose HPC-BBO, a novel algorithm to efficiently and automatically design hardware configurations and controllers for locomotion.

prototype Learning Flexible and Reusable Locomotion Primitives for a Microrobot
Brian Yang, Grant Wang, Roberto Calandra, Daniel Contreras, Sergey Levine, Kris Pister
RA-L + ICRA, 2018
arxiv / project page / code

We validate Bayesian optimization as a data-efficient method to design gaits for legged microrobots. We also propose a novel approach to learning motor primitives by converting a contextual policy search problem into a multi-objective optimization task.

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